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Rome Reports

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Best of 2011. June: The pope on Twitter with an iPad

The pope then took a two day trip to Croatia. It was his 19th international trip since becoming pope. The main purpose was to celebrate the national meeting of families in the capital of Zagreb. Benedict XVIJune 6, 2011"Your daily task of helping the new generation in its formation of faith, marriage preparation and support of families, is a fundamental way to regenerate the Church and to revive the country?s social fabric.” The pope then returned to Rome and took part of the procession of Corpus Christi. After celebrating Mass in the basilica of St. John Lateran, a procession wound its way through the streets of the Eternal City. The Vatican then began it?s own news service on their website news.va. It was inaugurated by the touch of an iPad, as the pope sent his first ever tweet for the launch. The Church then celebrated the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul on June 29th. The event had a special meaning because it was also the 60th anniversary since Benedict XVI was ordained as a priest. Benedicto XVIJune 29, 2011“It is a time of thanksgiving: thanks to the Lord for the friendship that he has bestowed upon me and that he wishes to bestow upon us all. Thanks to the people who have formed and accompanied me.” This feast day is also when the pope receives the newest archbishops named in the past year. This year there were 40. Each of them was given a pallium. It?s a white scarf made of wool that carries six black crosses, symbolizing each bishop?s unity with the pope. The pope ended June by giving away the Ratzinger prize in theology to a Spanish priest, a German Cistercian, and an Italian professor of Christian studies. The award is considered to be the “Nobel prize of theology”. ;AERR