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Rome Reports

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Best of 2011. July and August: 1.5 million youths in Madrid for WYD

The pope then traveled to Castel Gandolfo to start off his summer vacation. Every year, the pope heads out to the small Italian town to escape Rome?s intense summer heat.

In mid August the pope traveled to Madrid for World Youth Day 2011. There ;roughly 1.3 million young adults welcomed the pope.

For three days, the pope urged the youth to not be ashamed of their religion. Perhaps the most memorable ceremony is one that was interrupted by heavy rainfall.

Benedict XVIAugust 21, 2011“Thank you for your joy and resistance. Your strength is stronger than the rain. Thank you. The Lord is sending us his blessings with the rain. With this, you?re leading by example.”

The pope then announced that the next World Youth Day, will be held in Brazil in the year 2013. The theme will be “Go and make disciples of all nations.”