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Theologians and professors propose basing new economy on human ethics

Prof. Francesco LimoneBusiness ethics visiting professor“We started this series of seminars in the research of ?virtuous circles? that that can be created between the ethics and ?the end means?, for which we are working to see that profits find the best way to sustain the development of the market system.”Msgr. Prof. Martin SchlagDirector, Professor at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross“I think when we teach business ethics, it shouldn?t be like teaching table manners to cannibals but it means really changing the diet as well.”In order to create a global economy based on ethics, the group is also taking into consideration the social teachings of all the world?s religions. ;Msgr. Prof. Martin SchlagDirector, Professor at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross“All great religions have made contributions to social questions and social ethics. We cannot solve the problems of the world on our own so we have to join with other religions and other denominations as well.”The group has created an international congress called Free Markets and the Culture of the Common Good. The Research Center promotes activities on regular basis to study the history of economic thought and the relations between ethics and human flourishing in organizations. ;More info: ; http://www.mceproject.it/en.html ;AEAM--BN