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World Meeting of Families Videos: Couples discuss how to solve common family problems

The title of the series translates to “Lifestyles.” They are in Italian, but eventually they will be translated into other languages. So far, five videos have been made, but a total of ten will be produced. ;

Some of the topics include couples who?ve had to deal with losing a job, finding out they couldn?t have children, or even seperation of famlies, caused by migration. ;

One of the videos is titled “The family is living Proof.” In it, a Peruvian couple talk about the emotional seperation they felt between themselves, after moving to Milan, Italy. They talk about dealing with the issue, including what they had to do to overcome it.

Another story is that of Leo. After working 30 years in the same company, he lost his job. In the video, he talks about coming to grips with the situation, including the impact it had on his family. ;

This year, World Meeting of Families is focusing on balancing work, family and off time. The initiative tries to help families so they can solve common, every day problems with a Christian prespective. ;




- BN