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Vatican to present astronomy exhibition showcasing meteorite from Mars

In a way the exhibit will also take visitors, far and beyond...

Fr. Jose Luis Funes

Director, Vatican Observatory

“If you want to see Mars, come to the exhibition in Pisa.”

The location was chosen in Pisa because it was the birthplace of two great astrologers: Galileo Galilei who died 370 years ago and Cardinal Maffi, who for 27 years, served as director of the Vatican?s Observatory. ;

Fr. Jose Luis Funes

Director, Vatican Observatory

“The exhibit will help to understand the history of the universe, the one outside of us and the one within us. The Vatican Observatory is sharing it?s history with the public. Among the most valuable pieces are very old documents from Galileo, Newton, and Kepler, the giants of astronomy. Also among the meteorites that will be presented is a stone from the moon as well as one believed to be from Mars.”

The Vatican?s Observatory, called the Specola Vaticana, was founded in 1891 under Pope Leo XIII. It currently has two locations. One in Castel Gandolfo, a small town just south of Rome. The other is in the United States, in the Arizona desert. ;




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