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Harambee celebrates 10 years with new projects in Africa

Linda CorbiHarambee“Our mission is to help people in Africa, on an individual basis. It?s about knowing each other and understanding their needs. That way, we can help them even more. It?s not about just transferring goods from the West to Africa, but rather it?s about a mutual understanding to build a better world. In this sense, we know we are very ambitious.”They face challenges like improving the training of teachers and classes with special needs in countries like Kenya, Benin and Sao Tomé. It also organizes the Harambee International Award every two years for the best documentary, features stories and photographs on Africa. It took place this year in Lisbon for it?s fifth edition of the award.Linda CorbiHarambee“The idea is to open a window to Africa, a positive window. Too many times, the West only receives negative news about Africa and this is not fair. So, it?s important to be open to the possibility of ; transmitting ; positive values.”Harambee works on improving a mutual understanding between the West and Africa. This is where their name ?Harambee? comes from, a Swahili word meaning ?all together?. OFL/AEFF--BN