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Vatican conference on treating infertility promoted use of NaPro technology

Dr. Thomas W. HilgersDirector, Institute Pope Paul VI (USA)“It works with and cooperates with a woman?s menstrual and fertility cycles. Which is quite different than what is being offered now which is mostly suppressive and destructive.”The Catholic Church has stated it?s opposition to In Vitro-Fertilization, something the pope has called “arrogant and taking the place of the creator”. Catholic Theologians also remind that babies are not something that should be “produced”. Dr. Hilgers says In Vitro is not very effective when compared to the success rate of NaPro technology.Dr. Thomas W. HilgershttpDirector, Institute Pope Paul VI (USA)“By looking at those root causes and treating them effectively, and our success rates are anywhere from 2 to 3 times higher than In Vitro-Fertilization and the bonus is that women get their diseases identified and treated effectively.”Members of the conference estimate that 20% of all women have some form of female hormonal disturbance, making conception difficult. Their aim is to provide a non-artificial alternative that allows the maximum amount of safety for mother and child. AEAMHC-MGZ