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Rome Reports

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Photography Exhibit on the power of religion

Andrea PacanowskiArtist“What fascinated me was the fact that so many people were gathered to praise God. The way they come all together and find strength.”

These 40 blurred out pictures attempt to show that very strength that once inspired him. The artist worked on this project for a year, traveling around the world and taking pictures of Christians, Jews and Muslim as they prepared to pray.

Diego MormorioCurator“It represents the theme of what?s sacred and the beauty of it. The beauty of religion.”

The artist is actually an atheist. But even so, he says the power, strength and benefit of religion is hard to ignore.

In his exhibit, he includes an image of John Paul II. In fact, his face is actually formed by pictures of people who once gathered in St. Peter?s Square to honor him.

Andrea PacanowskiArtist“I think he was an amazing Pope and a great person who attracted many faithful. Even though I?m not someone who understands much about religion, I was always fascinated by him and his strength.”

Diego MormorioCurator“The beauty of Rome is directly connected to the spirituality of Catholicism and Christianity in general.”

The exhibit is taking place at Rome?s Trastevere Museum, just a few feet away from the historical Santa Maria Church. The curator says, being so close to a parish, makes the exhibit even more special.