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Rome Reports

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Pope visits local Roman parish: Jesus shows us that living is an art form

One group representing a team of young players, personally gave the Pope a soccer jersey. Then minutes later, another group of children gave him a book full of drawings it made for the Pope?s quick visit.

Benedict XVI“I thank you for your family like spirit. ;We are truly God?s family and the fact that you see in me, the Pope, a father like figure, is truly encouraging! We must remember though that the encounter doesn?t stop with the me, the Pope, but with Jesus.”

He explained that following God?s orders, ; Abraham was willing to sacrifice his own son. The Pope described it as a trying test where Abraham?s true and even radical faith, shines through.

Benedict XVI“God does not want death, but life. Death does not bring true sacrifice. The life and obedience of Abraham has become a source of great blessing to this day.”

The pope then reminded parishioners that God sacrificed his own son on a Cross. He went on to add that living is a type of art form that was mastered by Jesus, so that others could follow His example. ;Before giving Communion to a few people, the Pope said a parish isn?t just a place to pray, but it?s also a site to nurture and truly live out one?s faith.