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In Lourdes, how a cure is proven to be a miracle

Today it?s headed by the Italian Dr. Alesandro de Franciscis. He?s served as the bureau?s lead physician since 2009, making him the 15th doctor in an uninterrupted series. He?s also the first non-French to hold the title.He says the position is like no other job he?s ever held. Dr. Alessandro de FranciscisPhysician, Lourdes Medical Bureau“I am the only doctor that I know of in the world that people come to see and to tell me ?doctor I am cured.?”In the 130 year history of the Lourdes Medical Bureau, there have been over 7,000 documented cures that can not be medically explained. However, the Shrine has only recognized 67 as miracles.Whether they go on to become miracles or not depends on the Church. If it?s found that medicine can not explain a cure, it is then sent to the bishop of the diocese where that person is from.Dr. Alessandro de FranciscisPhysician, Lourdes Medical Bureau“It?s very clear the distinction, there are medical facts, bio-medical facts, that are the task of doctors and medical professionals. And then there is the interpretation of those facts which is the community of believers.”While Dr. Franciscis is a Catholic, he has made it very clear that medical facts are something very separate from religion and belief.To handle the workload, he often calls upon the thousands of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to offer their own expertise. Ever since accepting the responsibility as the medical chief of Lourdes, he has remained loyal to his original promise. ;Dr. Alessandro de FranciscisPhysician, Lourdes Medical Bureau“My original commitment, the task that I was given as all my predecessors, was not to build a miracle, but was to explain what was happening, or what had happened. It was to serve truth.” Anyone who feels they have been miraculously cured by Our Lady of Lourdes can walk into the medical bureau and speak with Dr. Franciscis.Depending on the case and type of disease that was cured, the doctor will examine it in a process that can take up to 15 years. If he still can?t find any evidence for the cure, he will deem it ?medically unexplainable?. AEAM--MGZ