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Human Trafficking: How a sister is changing the lives of victims

She recently spoke about this problem at a forum titled “Breaking the Chains: The Battle for the Dignity of Women,” which was organized by the Australian Embassy to the Holy SeeAs a Consolata Missionary Sister, she and her fellow sisters help victims who were trafficked into Italy from China, Eastern Europe and Nigeria. Often, the traffickers, promise these women better jobs, when in reality, they?re sold as prostitutes. She says, the control is more mental than physical. Sr. Eugenia BonettiAnti-Trafficking in Persons Office, Director “For Nigerian women, there is a terrible control of psychological violence, done through Voodoo rituals, black magical rituals that they are forced to take before they come to Europe. So, young people, especially if they are not educated, really believe in these rituals.”But, there are also positive stories. Throughout the years, Sr. Bonetti has helped roughly 6,000 victims off the streets, by offering them housing, food, and also legal support.Sr. Eugenia BonettiAnti-Trafficking in Persons Office, Director “We help them to gain their identity through legal documents and moreover to get a work permit so they can remain in Italy in a legal way and start their life again.”She calls on all people to help these young women, if not directly, then by simply changing the mentality that everything can be bought with money. Human Dignity, she says, is priceless. KLH AM-PR