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Society of St. Pius X is one step closer to reconciling with the Vatican

That possible reconciliation is centered around a so called ?doctrinal preamble,? where the Vatican lists a series of principles and criteria that Lefebvrians must agree to, in order to be in full communion with the Church. ;

Just a few months back, the Society of St. Pius X, did not agree with the points the Vatican listed on the ?doctrinal preamble.? In fact Bishop Bernard Fellay, who leads the traditionalist group, called for modifications. The Vatican in turn said the answer was inadequate, and asked for clarification. ;

The divide between the two, came about 24 years ago when Lefebvrians openly disagreed with the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Ever since then, there have been tensions between the two. ;

The Society of St. Pius X has said it will give not offer any further statements, until the Vatican issues its response. Benedict XVI will have the ;final word on the matter. The Vatican?s spokesman said the Holy See will provide its response relatively shortly. ;