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Pontifical Sediario publishes memoirs as an employee of the popes

MASSIMO SANSOLINI Pontifical Sediario "I am in charge of caring for the sick during the Popeâ??s audiences.â? Sansolini has been working alongside the popes for nearly 48 years, during that time he witnessed some special moments that he has written about in his book. In it, he remembers his time with Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II. The book also looks at the extra attention that John Paul II gave toward the sick during his 26 years as pope.   MASSIMO SANSOLINI Pontifical Sediario "These are experiences that I have written without much depth, but it shows the spirituality and the confidence that comes from the Popeâ??s presence to those that are suffering.â? The book also looks at the last moments of John Paul IIâ??s life and his funeral, which Sansolini had a very special role in, he was one of the 12 chosen to carry the coffin. MASSIMO SANSOLINI Pontifical Sediario "That day the world stopped. I was one of the 12 pallbearers. I canâ??t pick one of those moments which I describe in the book. But I think I have given an idea of great honor that was carried by the pope, that for 26 years shared his time with great personalities and others who were not as important like myself.â? The book offers an inside look at the life of the popes as seen by only those who live by their side everyday. As for Massimo Sansolini, he continues in his service, now with Benedict XVI. BR/AE FB - -MGZ