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Successful blogger and seminarian talks about how to make an impact on the web

Jorge Enrique Mújica

Seminarian and Blogger

"Whether it's young people, adults,  believers or non-believers. All this information will determine how you will go about it. Like, what type of wording you'll use, the program, social networks for a short term or long term website.â?

This Mexican seminarian manages a total of four blogs including their social networking profiles. Every day he spends almost two hours updating each one. But when it comes to blogging, he says it's all about quality, instead of quantity. The goal is to make it original and put out useful information. His personal blogging focuses on two areas. One is highlighting good, positive stories, the other is to give readers an insight into the Legionaries of Christ.í§

Jorge Enrique Mújica

Seminarian and Blogger

"The ability to tell stories about the Church, telling them in  first person, telling stories that put a face to a name. Overcoming evil that can emerge from negative testimonies, with real life stories that promote the common good.â?

One of those websites is titled 'EvangeliDigitalización'. It publishes viral videos on values and religion.

Jorge Enrique Mújica

Seminarian and Blogger

"We want to lead people so they can have a real encounter with God. Also, a Facebook  page, a website, or twitter can be a good parish thermometer. It can mirror a parish community and maybe even reach people who wouldn't necessarily go to church.â?

The seminarian also says that the laity plays a key role. Whether it's by helping launch the website of a parish or by writing about God in social networks. Either way, he says, priests should be open to asking for help. So if you're in the process of launching a blog, remember those three points: knowing one's target audience, telling original stories, and publishing information that is useful to the reader.