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The lessons a Swiss Guard took from the pope and brought him success in business

Andreas Widmer Author, "Pope & the CEOâ? "I feel I was so privileged to become a Swiss Guard and have a front row seat to this man's life during my time and finding my faith here in Rome in the guards and having this kind of privileged access that I felt more and more that sharing this with others is one way of showing my appreciation.â? Widmer is now the president the Carpenterâ??s Fund, a group that empowers entrepreneurs in poorer countries by providing them with loans. Through his service in the Swiss Guard and his work in business, he believes that people should be encouraged to make profits. Andreas Widmer Author, "Pope & the CEOâ? "We ought to be profitable servants, not only spiritually but materially as well. But what comes into play is what are we doing with our profits and how are we making our profits and how much profit should we make.â? However, through his successes and failures in business ventures, the former guard says that he always remembers what lies beyond the days profits. Andreas Widmer Author, "Pope & the CEOâ? "The key lesson I learned is that to not forget what the ultimate goal is of where we're trying to get to. Business and all of the things we do at work is a means to get to the end and we should never forget what that end is.â? Andreas Widmer hopes the book can be used as a tool for the next generation of business people as they enter the work force. AE SN - -MGZ