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Rome Reports

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Meet the Cardinal who served in Vietnam

CARD. EDWIN O?BRIENGrand Master of the Order of the Equestrian Holy Sepulchre“I would be marrying cadets upon graduation and within a year, I would be burring them because they would be shipped to Vietnam. I just asked my Cardinal if I could join the military as an active chaplain.”When O?Brien became a cardinal back in February, he received a red silk biretta and a new title. But he says, for him, many things stayed fairly the same. ;CARD. EDWIN O?BRIENGrand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre “It?s certainly a higher profile that what I had had, but deep down I don?t feel any different.”In addition to being a cardinal, he is also the Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. The lay order has roughly 30,000 members from every corner of the world. Through the Church, its members support marginalized Christians living in the Holy Land. During pilgrimages, they see exactly who they?re helping and how. CARD. EDWIN O?BRIENGrand Master of the Order of the Equestrian Holy Sepulchre “The government there has put severe restrictions on travel, on labor on owning property and the good Christians of the Holy Land, feel themselves limited in so many ways.”Ironically, as native Christians choose to flee the Holy Land, because of these restrictions, Christian, from other nations are immigrating ; into Israel, hoping to find better job opportunities. Now, under his newest responsibility, O?Brien hopes to encourage higher membership in the Order, so as to ease the living conditions of Christians in the Holy Land. He is planning on traveling to Israel, once again, probably in the Fall, for his formal appointment. KLH AA--PR