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Rome Reports

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Pope: The Kingdom of Christ is not based on power or riches, but on humanity

BENEDICT XVI "It was established eight days after the Assumption, to show the strong bond between the royalty of Mary and her glorification in body and soul with her son Jesus.�

Benedict XVI explained that Mary and Jesus share the thrown, but it's a thrown that's not based on riches, but on humanity.

BENEDICT XVI "There is the notion that a king or a queen are people of power and riches, but these are not the riches of Jesus and Mary. The Kingdom of Christ is built on humility, service and love.�

He then called on pilgrims to have faith in the Virgin Mary, by praying to her. BENEDICT XVI "May the prayers of Our Lady guide us along our pilgrimage of faith, that we may share in her Sonâ??s victory and reign with Him in His eternal Kingdom.â?

Towards the end of the general audience, a group of nuns, sang a song to the Pope.