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Rome Reports

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Yamanaka awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine for work with stem cells

Back in November 2010, he visited Rome to receive the Balzan award. He then, spoke to ROME REPORTS about his discovery, SHINYA YAMANAKANobel Prize in Medicine 2012 (November 19, 2010)“We have developed a method to make stem cells from other skin cells ; From those stem cells we can make many different types of cells. Such as heart cells, brain cells and blood cells.”It?s a ground breaking method that does not pose ethical issues since embryos are not manipulated. SHINYA YAMANAKANobel Prize in Medicine 2012 (November 19, 2010)“Because we only use patient?s cells, like skin cells, there is little ethical issue you have in this new technology.”For some time now, the Vatican has approved the use of this new technology. The Pontifical Academy for Life and the Osservatore Romano have praised the method, since it respects the dignity of the embryo. VIV-JMB-PVB/KLH AM-VM-PR