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Synod: Vice President of the American Bishops suggests a blessing for children in the womb

MSGR. JOSEPH KURTZ Archbishop of Louisville (US) "It's a blessing for the child in the woomb, for the mother and for the father and other family members�. The formula for the blessing was proposed by the US Bishops and approved by the Vatican last December. It already has been very successful in local parishes. Besides highlighting the dignity of human life, the blessing offers an opportunity to show the humanity of the Church and a great instrument in the New Evangelization. MSGR. JOSEPH KURTZ Archbishop of Louisville (US) "This blessing is a great opportunity, first of all, to join a mother who is fill with joy and sometimes with concerns about what is best for her child. It's a time to unite with the father. And of course it is a great opportunity as a first step in reaching out to the family, to invite them to begin preparation for the Baptism of the child who is not yet born�. This is the first synod for Archbishop Joseph Kurtz. He says one of the keys to the New Evangelization is for the Church go out to meet people and do it cheerfully. MSGR. JOSEPH KURTZ Archbishop of Louisville (US) "One of the great things that has been in the synod so far is the need for expressing joy, the joy of having found Jesus Christ in our own life, in our comunity. That is where all evangelization begins�. It is further evidence that being an example is worth much more than words and speeches. JMB AA -JM -PR