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Latin American Bishop: Catholics need to reflect their values in society

MSGR. CARLOS AGUIAR President, Latin American Bishops Conference "The Church needs to focus on initiatives that promote Christian values and formation. That needs to be present in all sectors of society.â? The Mexican bishop believes that for Christians to reflect their values, they have to exemplify them not just at home, but at also out in society. For that to happen, he believes the Church needs to work on initiatives that make this easier for the laity, especially when they are at work, since it's there that they spend most of their time. MSGR. CARLOS AGUIAR President, Latin American Bishops Conference "In areas like communication, or with those who work in the medical field like doctors and nurses. Also lawyers, politicians, economists, entrepreneurs, those on a fixed income. Teachers and schools. The Church needs to have a dynamic presence in all these sectors.â? But to make initiatives like these successful out in society, Aguiar recognizes that the Church must also address challenges Catholics face in society. Among those issues is divorce. MSGR. CARLOS AGUIAR President, Latin American Bishops Conference "The Church needs to remind all Catholics who are divorced and re-married, that they are not excluded from the Church. They are not ex-communicated. They may face an irregular situation, but this does not stop them from living the faith.â? In Mexico, roughly 84 percent of the population is Catholic. But still, even in countries where the majority is Catholic, he says other challenges arise. Among them, having the religion become only something linked to tradition and culture, and not purely based on faith. To prevent that from happening, Aguiar says Catholics need to take the New Evangelization and the Year of Faith seriously, so that concrete initiatives will follow.   KLH MG VM -BN