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Swiss Guard launches Christmas music album

JULIAN MURMAN Swiss Guard member "The idea grew slowly. The first step was that we had met Mrs. Lorenz, who is also Swiss, and the idea surfaced to do this project together. Since Christmas time is close by, we chose these songs.� DANIELA LORENZ Harpist "We are Swiss and we understand each other, that helps. For them, it was a great effort. They are not professionals and they are not musicians, they work here. They had to do their duties and then rehearse. It was a lot of work, but they did it very well.� The album has 18 Christmas songs, including Swiss, Latin American and Italian carols, giving the Vatican's Christmas an international touch. JULIAN MURMAN Swiss Guard member "I think it makes a great Christmas gift. The combination between the Swiss Guard and Mrs. Lorenz is beautiful and very special.� This is the Swiss Guard's first recording album in its 500 year history. Their goal is to have listeners experience Christmas as close to the Pope as they do. BR/RCA MG -VM -PR