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Authors publish book to help priests and nuns deal with stress


Author, Preti e suore oggi 

"As with any helping profession, being a priest or nun can be stressful because you are often dealing with others' problems, their confessions, their worries and all their troubles. They must absolve their issues. It's a very important position, and as with other helping profession there's always a risk getting burn out if you're not prepared.â? 

To help, Fabrizio Mastrofini and Giuseppe Crea published the book Priests On the Couch, on how to recognize and prevent these types of problems. 


Author, Preti e suore oggi 

"There's a need to find balanced people to work for others. This is the main point. We must not be afraid to recognize problems, we all have them and overcome them. Those who work with others are also susceptible to develop problems.â? 

The authors suggest a "culture of preventionâ? of these problems, to be alert and watch out for symptoms of stress. 


Author, Preti e suore oggi 

"There are specific clinical protocols and tests for it. But you can often tell who they are because they're unhappy with their job. The live with great weight on their shoulders, unable to bare it much.�

The book aims to help identify and deal with stress-related issues for those that help others. It seeks to avoid those issues from becoming a source of strain within the Church community.