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Priest publishes book on apparition of angels to mystic women

FR. MARCELLO STANZIONEAuthor, Angeli e Mistiche ;“They are 61 profiles of exceptional women, very different among them. There are noble women, common women, educated women and ignorant, laywomen, nuns. But they have something in common in their lives, they choose Jesus Christ and had experiences with angels.”The women Marcello Stazione writes about in his book are saints, blessed women, and even martyrs, such as Saint Cecilia, whom according to tradition would pray along with her guardian angel.FR. MARCELLO STANZIONEAuthor, Angeli e Mistiche“We see how in the martyr?s acts, the angels would come to console these women. I?m thinking of Cecilia and Agnes. The beautiful thing is that these women have changed the history of humanity within the Church. These are women that have founded religious orders, hospitals, schools. They were extremely pragmatic and realistic people. They were not lucid women, and their work has made it possible for angels to take action here on Earth.”In the book, Stazione explains the importance that angels had in the lives of these women, and how they in turn influenced the history of the Church and humanity.FR. MARCELLO STANZIONEAuthor, Angeli e Mistiche ;“There are also women from the modern era, such as Mother Theresa of Calcutta, whom had a great devotion to angels. Or Natuzza Evolo, the famous Calabrian mystic, whom would make accurate medical analysis to those that would go see her, despite being extremely ignorant. She would see the guardian angel of the person that would go to her.”The new book by Father Marcello Stanzione shows how spiritual beings can have an even bigger impact in people?s lives. BR/RCarrAAVM-PR-u:VIC