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International Union of Superiors General prepares gathering for 800 women religious

SR. JOSUNE ARREGUI Executive Secretary, International Union of Superiors General "To promote, to help renovate and to update the congregations, and also to help their leaders, so they know they're not alone in their mission, which is at times hostile.� The International Union of Superiors General promotes several initiatives, such as the "Talitha Kum� project against human trafficking, and allows them to share concerns like the demographic changes within the religious congregations. While the number of vocations is down in the West, they are on the rise in Asia and Africa. SR. JOSUNE ARREGUI Executive Secretary, International Union of Superiors General "We want these changes to help us rekindle what truly is a religious life, even if we have to deconstruct institutions or homes, reduce them, whatever needs to be done. Because we must be 'significant:' be leaven as Jesus says.� Many members are also very active online. Their web page Vidimus Dominum publishes news, texts and projects from religious congregations. It also allows them to learn about each other. SR. GIANNICA SELMO www.vidimusdominum.org "It's an opportunity to talk to other people like me, that work within the consecrated life through the media. We have the chance to search together for answers, ways, new opportunities to share our calling, to share our lives.� The International Union of Superiors General was created on December 8, 1965, to coincide with the closing of the Second Vatican Council. Today, it is a resource for more than 2,000 general superiors for the congregations of women religious from over 97 countries. OFL @odelafu /RCarr MG -GDP -PR -u:SCar