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Shalom Catholic Community arrives from Brazil to say goodbye to Pope

MOYSES AZEVEDOFounder, Shalom Catholic Community“All these people, an entire population is happily united at heart with the Holy Father to tell him: ?Thank you Holy Father, thank you Benedict XVI, for all ; you?ve done for us.”The Shalom Catholic Community was very close to Benedict XVI. In 2007, the Pope gave it pontifical status, and in 2012, he approved the groups statutes. They say they?re already praying for the next Pope.MOYSES AZEVEDOFounder, Shalom Catholic Community“The Lord will truly give us a gift, because the new Pope will be the one that is in God?s heart. We are with an open heart. Even though we don?t know him, we already love him.”The Shalom Catholic Community is also working on the preparations so that the new Pope will enjoy World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro.OFL @odelafuMG--PR