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Lombardi: 77 votes needed to elect next pope

FR. FEDERICO LOMBRADI Vatican Spokesperson  "I think it will begin during the first days of next week. So they will not begin tomorrow or Sunday. But they could decide on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, even on Thursday, no one would stop them.â? During the next few meeting their names will be drawn at random for each of the room at Domus Santa Martha, where they will remain for the conclave. FR. FEDERICO LOMBRADI Vatican Spokesperson  "Today they will choose a date, tomorrow there will be a congregation. Keep in mind they might assign room at Santa Marta.â? To elect the next successor of Peter, a candidate needs 77 of the 115 votes from each eligible cardinal. FR. FEDERICO LOMBRADI Vatican Spokesperson  "According to my calculations, 77 votes are needed because you round up. So 77 will be the number of votes needed for the election.â? During Friday morning's congregation, the College of Cardinals also heard the reasons two papal electors gave for not coming. FR. FEDERICO LOMBRADI Vatican Spokesperson  "As we know, two electors said they would not be coming, the archbishop emeritus of Jakarta and Cardinal O'Brien. The first said he's not coming for health reasons, the second for personal reasons specified in a press release. The college voted to accept these reasons.â? Lombardi also said that the preparation work inside the Sistine Chapel would end within the coming days. BR/RCarr CTV JM -PR U:vic