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Cardinal Salazar: Pope Francis elected in wide consensus

CARD. RUBí?N SALAZAR Gí?MEZArchbishop of Bogota (Colombia)“Getting two thirds of the votes is not easy. But immediately the consensus began growing, and growing and growing. It the end, the voting was overwhelming in his favor.”The Colombian cardinal said Pope Francis is humble and simple, and that despite being 76 years old, he has good health.CARD. RUBí?N SALAZAR Gí?MEZArchbishop of Bogotá (Colombia)“You have never heard anyone say that Cardinal Bergoglio was a fragile person, as we had heard that the health of Cardinal Ratzinger was fragile.”During the general congregation meetings, cardinals talked about the Vatican Curia. Not necessarily about reforming it, but rather having go back to its original purpose. CARD. RUBí?N SALAZAR Gí?MEZArchbishop of Bogotá (Colombia)“The biggest complaint about the Curia was that it was too bureaucratic and had lost its pastoral side. In other words, the support for the Holy Father to evangelize and the support to the bishops in their evangelization efforts in their dioceses.”Cardinal Rubén Salazar reiterated that as a Jesuit, Cardinal Bergoglio chose the name Francis, to honor the founder of the Franciscans, and also to show the universality of the Church.OFL @odelafu /RCarrAA-ND-PR-U:OF