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Rome Reports

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Father Soteras: Pope is a good spiritual priest, but also a good manager

P. JAVIER SOTERAS Director of Radio Maria Argentina "He opens up a big possibility of having collegiate work carried out. I think an episcopal collegiality in Rome will trickle down to the Universal Church. It will be something that will embody the pastoral and doctrinal mission of the Second Vatican Council.â? Javier Soteras defined the Pope as a simple person who doesn't like to waste money. He also says he's a good manager. P. JAVIER SOTERAS Director of Radio Maria Argentina "I have gotten to see another side of him.  I've seen a priest who sets limits, who knows how to manage, someone who has the gift of governance. He's not a person who goes overboard, but he knows how to make decisions firmly and he understands what the leadership of the Church has to do.â? In just a short amount of time, he's been recognized as a smiling Pope who likes to makes jokes, but he's also a man of great devotion who follows a strict schedule when it comes to praying. Building bonds is also very important to him.   P. JAVIER SOTERAS Director of Radio Maria Argentina "He makes time for everyone. Whether it's the cook, or a Swiss Guard at the door, the man who sweeps St. Peter's Square. Or he will even thank the security guard for all his work. He will have a strong relationship with these group of people, just like the one he had in Buenos Aires.â?   During Father's Soteras' visit here in Rome, he met with Pope Francis, in a casual get together with other Argentinians. They had the famous 'mate' drink, listened to Tango music and had a few laughs...during it all, he says the Pope seemed very calm. VIC/KLH AA / MG - - PR