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Chocolate at the center of the Easter holiday meal

CLAUDIO DE BLASISMaster chocolatier“For each type of chocolate, be it milk, white or dark, a certain temperature is needed to make each one. So we boil each block of chocolate at a temperature that varies from 45 to 50 degrees Celsius. After must give it some form, so we cool it rapidly. From there, we can start to work to give it a shape, to bring the chocolate to life.”These master chocolatiers have spend all their lives dedicated to the art of dessert making. This job requires much precision and passion. Nowadays they cater to anyone, including the ones with the sweetest tooth, showing them how they work and, more importantly, taste. CLAUDIO DE BLASISMaster chocolatier“This year, along with my collaborator, we decided to make sheep and a lamb, which is the symbol for Easter, while in past years we made an octopus, a frog or a dinosaur.”During Holy Week, one of the most traditional desserts are the Easter eggs, symbolizing the end of Lent and the Resurrection of Jesus.VIC--- PRU: