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Rome Reports

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Can I park my Lamborghini by the Vatican? Car owners celebrate 50th anniversary in Rome

JOHN PALIN Lamborghini Owner  "I have never seen so many cars, or so many Lamborghini like this in one place like this.â?

DEBORA HRBACEK Tourist "You can see them driving down right now, it's amazing.�

It's definitely a sight to see. Different  colors and styles, out in the open, attracting everyone's attention. Everyone from the young....to the not so young. 

DEBORA HRBACEK Tourist "Speeding by the Vatican and the cars...it was like a movie, yeah!�

This year the Italian sports car turns 50. To celebrate, hundreds of Lamborghini owners from 29 different countries, made their way to Italy in style. Some decided to actually drive all the way to Italy, others took a different route-quite literally.

JOHN PALIN Lamborghini Owner  "You can either get your car shipped over or flown over and then you fly yourself join it, and go from there.â?

The so called Lamborghini tour includes different stops throughout Italy. In Rome, the cars were parked overnight right in front of the Vatican. When your car is worth more than $200,000 parking whether back at home or abroad, can be challenging.

JOHN PALIN Lamborghini Owner "They actually organized specific hotels we could stay at that had secure parking. We've been saving for years to try and get the car. We do pay our mortgage but the rest goes to the car.�

Even if it was just for a day, both owners and car fanatics were able to experience a type of post card setting, including luxury cars and the Vatican as a backdrop.