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Rome Reports

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In Italy for just one day... specifically to see Pope Francis

ANTHONY TEO "He is a Pope of our times and this is something  we should learn from him and take as an example. His bravery and his new approach to things. Definitely, I think it's not just Catholics, but it's all humanity. It's all people who actually take advice and take note of him.â? Coming to Rome and then flying back home will add up to about 25 hours of flight time in just three days. ANTHONY TEO "It took us quite a long time to plan. It took us about three months finish planning everything.â? Singapore is definitely far, but so is Mexico. The Becerril family is planning on staying in Rome for four days and one of their mail goals was precisely to see Pope Francis in person. ANA BECERRIL "Completely. It was totally worth it. It took a lot of time and effort, but it's something that strengthens your faith. It's more of an economic challenge because the will is always there.â? CARMEN LUZ ROMAN "We saved for so long. We came here all the way from Mexico City.â? Despite the jet lag and challenges that come with being a tourist, they say it was a small price to pay, given the fact that they were able to see and hear Pope Francis. A/KLH MG