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Rome Reports

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Pope to meet with Archbishop of Canterbury. Discussion will include poverty, economy and environment

ARCH. DAVID MOXON Anglican Communion Representative to the Holy See "First of all it's to represent a diplomatic or ambassadorial function to the Papacy and the Vatican itself, but also to be based here in the Anglican Center in Rome, which offers a great many activities for ecumenism and partnership including hospitality, education, brokering of new ideas, promoting the possibility of joint action and joint synergy and mission, promoting fresh ideas for the two Churches to come closer together.â? The dialogue between the Catholic and Anglican Church received a special boost under the pontificate of Benedict XVI, especially after his visit England in 2010. Now, they're looking to move that relationship forward. ARCH. DAVID MOXON Anglican Communion Representative to the Holy See "Now it's focusing particularly on how the Universal Church, the worldwide Church and the local Church hold together, as well as the local and universal Church make ethical decisions. But it's also promoting a new idea, called 'receptive ecumenism', which means how we share each others weakness, shoulder each others burdens and learn from each other in our points of greatest need.â? Moxon's appointment was confirmed by Justin Welby, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, who is scheduled to meet Pope Francis this week in a private encounter.   ARCH. DAVID MOXON Anglican Communion Representative to the Holy See "The agenda has already been set, and it's first of all looking at the challenges facing the Anglican communion. It's also going to look at global poverty and the notion that economy should serve people, rather than people serving the economy. It's looking at issues of hunger and the environment, and the ideas which they both have in common, which are quite considerable.â? Although this will be a private meeting, the Archbishop of Canterbury is expected to make an official state visit to the Vatican next December. BB -JM -PR -UP:SCar