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Cardinal Pell on the Curia: There are two main avenues of reform

CARD. GEORGE PELL Archbishop of Sydney (Australia) "The taxi couldn't get into the Via della Conciliazione simply because there were so many people. Just about every audience there's  85,000 sometimes more people here.â? But perhaps it's the possible changes inside the Vatican that's drawing more attention. Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Pell as one of eight Cardinals who will advise the Pope on reforming the Roman Curia, which in essence, governs the Church. Even though the precise role of the council is still in the works, Cardinal Pell says, there are two main possibilities, that will be discussed when the group holds its first meeting in October. CARD. GEORGE PELL Archbishop of Sydney (Australia) "A reformulation of the structure of the Curia, big changes. FLASH 05 08 Another way of looking at it, is to see what are the immediate problems and to start dealing with them one by one.â? Reforming the Roman Curia was discussed by Cardinals, behind closed doors before the Conclave. Pell says the commission will not shy away from more controversial issues like the sex abuse crisis, the Vatican's Bank, or developing a more efficient communication among the Pope, bishops and dioceses. CARD. GEORGE PELL Archbishop of Sydney (Australia) "Certainly a major priority for the Holy Father is how he, as the Successor of Peter, relates to the bishops who are the successors of the apostles and with him constitute the College.â?   The eight cardinals will reflect the Universal Church, since they are from different parts the world.  Pell says, there could be additional members in the future. CARD. GEORGE PELL Archbishop of Sydney (Australia) "We are eight people from around the world, there might be nine. Somebody from the Eastern Catholic Church.â? Pell says, the Pope is already consulting with those in and outside the Curia, to see what can be done to strengthen the Church.   KLH MG - - -PR up