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The Pontifical Canadian College: A small piece of Canada in the heart of Rome

FR. í?RIC SYLVESTRERector, Pontifical Canadian College “It?s a formation house. It?s very important to understand that. The Canadian College is not a hotel, it?s a formation house. So the priests who come here, they live in a community, for two to four or five years. We celebrate the liturgy together and we also have some cultural and spiritual activities, for instance some conferences or retreats during the year. So it?s a place of permanent formation. That?s something very important.”

í?ric Sylvestre, a Sulpician priest himself, has been Rector of the Canadian College for the past five years. He has also been in charge of organizing the celebrations for the Institution?s 125 anniversary. The events on schedule started back in April with an inaugural concert. The events will run until June 2014. A very important day for staff and students will be a solemn Mass on November 21st.FR. í?RIC SYLVESTRERector, Pontifical Canadian College “It will be Cardinal Collins from Toronto, who will preside over our celebration. We will finish the Jubilee year on June 24th with the Primate of Canada, the Archbishop of Quebec, monsignor Lacroix. So two liturgies, also a concert and cultural activities in general.” Currently, the Pontifical Canadian College accommodates about 30 guests. The number of residents has been constantly growing in recent years, and the Fr. Sylvestre says the future looks bright.

FR. í?RIC SYLVESTRERector, Pontifical Canadian College “Remembering the past is to ?orientate? the future. I am very positive about the future of the College, because more and more I think it is a meeting place for Catholic people in Canada. I say Catholics, but I could also say Christian people in general.”

The Pontifical Canadian College is located right in the center of Rome on via Crescenzio, only a 10 minute walk from the Vatican.