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Rome Reports

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A Conference in Rome on Understanding and Professing the Liturgy in the 21st Century

MSGR. DOMINIQUE REYBishop of Fréjus-Toulon (France) ;“The center, the source, the summit of Christian life, as said by the Council, is the Liturgy. Because in the Liturgy we have the presence of God.”

Msgr. Dominique Rey says that when it comes to understanding the Gospel, there?s a lot more than meets the eye. As the Church promotes the New Evangelization, it?s essential understand how to profess the Liturgy and its relevance, in the modern world.

In fact, about a month after being elected, the Pope talked about irreplaceable role of the Liturgy during an audience with the Biblical Commission.

POPE FRANCISApril 12, 2013“That is why the center of our faith isn?t just a book, but a history of Salvation, and above all, it?s about a person: Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh.”

It?s not just about words, he says, but about living out one?s faith. The Liturgy, by nature has many dimensions to it. ;

MSGR. DOMINIQUE REYBishop of Fréjus-Toulon (France) ;“All the dimensions are there. The faith is proclaimed by the Gospel the faith is nourished, the faith is purified by communication.”

The symposium also reflected on the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, regarding the Liturgy. About 300 people took part in the meeting, including American Cardinal Raymond Burke. The group also included many priests, religious and lay people.