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Cardinal Amigo Vallejo: Pope Francis is a true bridge between God and the people

CARD. CARLOS AMIGO VALLEJOArchbishop Emeritus of Sevilla (Spain)“It can be summed up with the word ?pontifex,? Pope. In Latin that means ?he who builds bridges?. In these first months, the Pope has most of all built a bridge between himself and the people, between God?s mercy and the freedom of men, between the distance caused by relativism and the identity of someone who really follows Jesus Christ.” ; ; ;Even though Pope Francis has already been viewed as a revolutionary figure by many, cardinal Amigo Vallejo believes he is completely in-line with his predecessors. ;CARD. CARLOS AMIGO VALLEJOArchbishop Emeritus of Sevilla, Spain“The Church is always the same in its nature. What happens is that the lights it sheds has a different reflection on the various parts of the world. We had the beautiful pontificate of Benedict XVI, a man whose gestures were simple and secluded, but full of light. Now we have a Pope who wants to be faithful to Jesus Christ above all. He is humble, poor, but steadily in charge of the Church.”Pope Francis has showed a unique attitude in his private meetings, as well. ; When he meets world leaders or diplomats, the Pope often jokes with them and puts them at ease. Those who have met him, recall the experience as a truly unique one.EDUARDO GUTIERREZ SAENZ DE BURUAGASpanish Ambassador to the Holy See“When I had the chance to meet him in person, when he gave an audience to the diplomatic corps, I had bowed in front of him and I said a few words. We talked for a while and the words he said to me and my entourage were extremely moving indeed.”The Pope?s speeches and homilies are currently being edited and translated in various languages to make them available to the widest audiences. However, this is the first time they are launched in Spanish, the original language of the People?s Pope.BB-AA-NR-PRu:SCar