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Álvaro del Portillo: The miracle that will pave the way towards his beatification

The events took place back in 2003. Just two days after José Ignacio was born, he underwent surgery for a serious malformation in both his abdomen and his heart. But  suddenly his health worsened. SUSANA WILSON Mother "We were at my in-laws� house. At about 2pm they called us from the clinic and told us to go there immediately because José Ignatio wasn�t well.â? The young boy�s heart stopped beating and he went into cardiac arrest. The doctors tried to resuscitate him. But no matter how hard they tried, the boy was declared dead shortly after. JOSÉ IGNACIO RODRíGUEZ Pediatrician "We kept on resuscitating him, we kept on and on. After 30 minutes we simply saw nothing was happening, so we started reducing our efforts.â? But the child�s mother, never lost hope. In her desperation, she turned to Alvaro del Portillo in prayer. FRANCISCO JAVIER URETA Father "I saw her praying in an incredible way. She was praying with extreme fervor and faith.â? That�s when she says, something really incredible happened. Young José Ignacio�s pulse rhythm began to grew faster and steadier, until the boy�s heart regained its normal function. That�s something the doctors still can�t explain. JOSÉ IGNACIO RODRíGUEZ Pediatrician "Without an any... without any explanation José Ignatio�s heart regained its rhythm, progressively and with a quick pace. And now he is here with us.â? And even though José Ignacio suffered several complications after his surgery, today he is alive and well. He loves soccer, tennis and is a big fan of dancing. His parents say they have no doubt, it all happened through the intercession of Alvaro del Portillo. BB/KLH RR -NR -PR up:SCar