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Populorum Progressio Foundation: Helping marginalized communities in Latin America

MSGR. SEGUNDO TEJADOPopulorum Progressio Papal Foundation “Mostly indigenous and African communities in Latin America. Also field workers. So, that would be the main groups.” Msgr. Segundo Tejado recently came back from Peru, where the commission held its annual meeting. Archbishops from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Cardinal Robert Sarah, considered more than 200 community projects that need funding. From health initiatives, to micro financing to start up small community businesses. Other requests are more basic, like a parish hall or simply water. MSGR. SEGUNDO TEJADOPopulorum Progressio Papal Foundation “A community asked for a very basic request. They need a water well in the town, so they can drink clean water or even have water to bathe with. These are the type of projects the Populorum Progressio Foundation deals with.” That request from a town in Bolivia, was signed by the entire town, including children, who ; signed by pressing their fingerprints on the letter. Next year, the foundation hops to have its annual meeting in Rome, so it can directly talk to Pope Francis about the foundation?s projects and its future. MSGR. SEGUNDO TEJADOPopulorum Progressio Papal Foundation “We all have to be here in Rome, so we can talk directly with Pope Francis. He can tell us what the thinks and what he expects from this foundation. We will of course follow his advice, but first we have to talk. So we?re hoping he will grant us an audience.”Most of the community projects cost an average of about $15,000 U.S dlls. The foundation was created by John Paul II back in the year 2000 to carry out acts of charity on behalf of the Pope and the Church in Latin America. KLH AA-VM-PRU:SCar