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Pope's Angelus: Even if you are not traveling to Brazil, you can still participate in WYD

With a full crowd in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis led the Angelus prayer on Sunday afternoon. In light of his trip to Rio, the Pope asked pilgrims to pray for him and all the youths who will take part in World Youth Day. 

He even invited those who are not traveling to Brazil, to join in the journey, spiritually, by asking key questions. 


 "All the people who are traveling to Rio, want to hear the voice of Jesus. They want to listen to Him. 'Lord, what should I do with my life? What's the right journey for me'? But that also applies to you. Are there any young people here in the Square? Are there? All the young people here can ask the Lord those same questions.â?

During the Angelus prayer, the Pope reflected on a reading from the Gospel of St. Luke, where Martha and Mary welcome Jesus into their home. The Pope explained that the sisters, balance out their hospitality. While Mary listens to Jesus,  Martha gets things ready. This, explained the Pope, in a way, symbolizes Christian life: To listen and to serve. 


"This isn't about two opposing attitudes. On one hand, listening to the Lord, contemplating Him, and then serving others concretely. These two factors do not oppose each other. On the contrary, they compliment one another and they are essential to our Christian life.â? 

As he concluded the Angelus prayer, as usual the Pope wished everyone a good afternoon and a good lunch.