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Buenos Aires launches website dedicated to its most spiritual son, Pope Francis

October 26, 2013 (Romereports.com) Saying that Buenos Aires prides itself in giving the Catholic Church its Pope would be an understatement. The day of his Inaugural Mass, 50,000 people packed the city's main square, Plaza de Mayo, to watch the ceremony live.

The images from that early morning can be found at the web page the Buenos Aires City Government just created in honor of Pope Francis. The page, titled Ciudad del Papa, or the Pope's Hometown, features a wealth of information on the life of Pope Francis, before he was Pope. The website features the biography of Jorge Bergoglio: from birth, to his appointment as archbishop, and finally his election as Pope. ;

But perhaps the most popular section is an interactive map of Archbishop Bergoglio's daily commute and points of interest. This list includes, of course, the Metropolitan Cathedral he led as archbishop. But it also has the local parish in the Flores neighborhood where he discovered his vocation. ;

Without a doubt, the city is hoping to attract more visitors. But the website is also their way of paying homage to one of its most famous residents. ;


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