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Rome Reports

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Cheerful crowds look on as Vatican's Christmas tree arrives

Leave it to the Germans to push for efficiency and punctuality. They drove this year's Christmas Tree more than 695 miles from Bavaria to Rome. And they did it one day ahead of schedule.


German Engineer 

"We left early because the weather for Friday is not so good. And the Vatican wanted us to do the work today.�

The company in charge said it was smooth driving, and great weather all the way from Germany. That made it easier to transport 7.5 ton tree, measuring more than 80 feet tall. 


German Engineer 

"We are very proud. We are very happy that company can bring the tree to Pope Francis.�

In addition to the pride of the workers, the tree was met with rejoice by tourists and locals alike. They flocked to the square to catch a glimpse or even a picture.

"That's even a big tree for Canada.�

For some of the visitors at St. Peter's Square, the Vatican's Christmas Tree is also tied to some very dear memories.


Chef living in Rome

"I came last year for the first time and I just happened to arrive on the day they put it up. This year I tried to find out when it was going up. Non one knows for sure. I came yesterday, missed it. Today the trucks were all here I knew for sure. I got here at 6:30.�

It's not only becoming a tradition, but a celebration of what's happened in this past year for this Canadian chef.


Chef living in Rome

"I came to Rome a little over a year ago and... fell in love. With the city first, and then with another chef, and we're still together and we'll be married in the New Year.�

So this year, it's not just Christmas, but also wedding bells that will ring in Rome. The excitement is also just beginning as Christmas officially makes its way to the Vatican.