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Aline Brasil, a voice from Rio de Janiero reaching out to God

Nearly everyone in Rio de Janeiro is familiar with the voice of Aline Brasil. But behind that voice is a great story. She began music lessons when she was five. Now, she's married and a mother of two. But music remains her passion. The birth of her first child, brought her closer to her Catholic faith. And since then, singing is how she best expresses her love for God. In 2007, Aline launched her debut album, titled "Come Drink.â?  With only 2,000 copies made, she rose to prominence in parts of her native Rio de Janeiro. In 2010, she released 13 new tracks, with her album "In the name of Jesus.â? It included one of her most popular songs "Quero Te Tocar,â? personifying the style Aline is now well-known for. Her next record, "You are within me,â? featured 12 songs, and collaborations from two other well-known Christian artists: Tony Allysson and Fatima Souza. With a packed concert schedule to kick off 2014, Aline is poised to take her music and message beyond Rio, and beyond Brazil. PM/RCA http://www.alinebrasil.com/ JM -PR Up:JRB #Art and Culture