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Rome Reports

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The Extraordinary Consistory is not open to the media, but what's it like in there?

Throughout the day, they've made their way in and out of the Vatican. It's the first Extraordinary Consistory called for by Pope Francis and cardinals are pretty busy.





CARD. SARAIVA MARTINS PORTUGAL "Meetings in the afternoon, then tomorrow morning and again tomorrow afternoon. We're not kidding around here.�





"Yes, we're ready for intense work.�





But as cardinals discuss how the Church can improve its pastoral outreach with families, there are also practical matters that can't be ignored.






-How did it go this morning?

-I'm hungry

-So are we, but we need a comment.�




The meeting is taking place inside the Vatican's Paul VI Hall just days before Pope Francis names new cardinals. For some, it all brings back good memories.





CARD. THOMAS CHRISTOPHER COLLINS CANADA "This is the first time weâ??ve been together as a group since the conclave.â?





But of course, cardinals are making their way to Rome from all across the globe to discuss the situation of the family.



CARD. WILFRID NAPIER SOUTH AFRICA  "Some of the issues facing the family of course one of marriage and divorce, re-marriage was one of the top ones. So weâ??re looking forward to the next round of discussions that are going to take place now.â?





It's an issue that's triggering discussions and one where cardinals, dioceses, the laity and of course the Pope himself are weighing in.