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Rome Reports

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Recorded in History: Conclave's White Smoke recorded on cell phones

Millions of people from around the world saw this moment on their tv sets, but a much smaller group actually saw it unfold directly in St. Peter's Square.  So with the cold and rain and plenty of cell phones, it's no surprise people started recording that special moment with their hand phones.  Perhaps the best way to describe the moment was excitement.  Even with all that chaos roaming around, some people stayed calm and tried to get the best shot, even zooming in every now and then to get the right image.  With people from all over the world, pilgrims weren't shy about sharing where they were  from.  Combined with all the umbrellas, there were plenty of flags.  But for some it was all about soaking it the moment, right then and there. Finding the right words in such a historic moment isn't always easy.  "Oh , my Godâ?. "This is incredibleâ?. When the excitement is enough, knowing the name of the Pope can wait.  "Habemus Papam! Habemus Papam!â? Once the white smoke emerged from the roof of the Sistine Chapel, visitors waited for about an hour to meet the new Pope.  Even though Pope Francis was addressing the entire world that night, it was this relatively small group that he directly talked to.   PM/KLH  RR VM -PR up: PM # World