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Rapper Monk from the Bronx marks Pope Francis' first year with new song

Pope Francis inspires all kinds of artists, and Stan Fortuna is no exception. He's a Franciscan monk who sings...and raps.  In the Bronx, New York, he's mostly known as the rapping monk. His goal is to make the youth understand the message of the Catholic Church.  With a song called "Pope Francis,â? he celebrates the first year since the Pope's election.  He even hopes to get some attention from the young people of NYC. Written in English and Spanish, the song will be released in the album "Word World.â? Its video clip features some of the most memorable moments in Pope Francis' pontificate.  At one point Jazz was his favorite, but Stan Fortuna quickly took up the "poetry of the streets,â? and became famous thanks to his song "Everybody Got 2 Suffer.â? All sales from his music album will be donated for social initiatives that help the poor and needy in Uganda, Poland and, of course, the Bronx.  AFP/PM Stan Fortuna JM -PR Up:PM