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Documentary on John XXIII highlights decisive moments of his Pontificate

John XXIII was elected Pope at the height of the Cold War, in a world divided between Soviet and Western blocs, and in a rapidly-changing society. With the elderly Giuseppe Roncalli, the cardinals expected a calm and uneventful pontificate, without major surprises. JOHN XXIII "My children, I hear your voices.� The world loved him, but society was at its farthest from the Church. As a result, he launched the greatest revolution in the modern history of Catholicism, the Second Vatican Council. LUCETTA SCARAFFIA Historian, La Sapienza University (Rome) "John XXIII thought that a Council that brought Christian tradition closer to modernity would counter the secularization that was taking root so rapidly.� CARD. GEORGES MARIE COTTIER "The Pope wanted to address the modern world in a clear and direct way. The Italian word 'aggiornamento'.� To understand the message and legacy of John XXIII, ROME REPORTS interviewed experts and witnesses from these decisive years. CARD. PUAL POUPARD "I worked for the French office of the Secretariat of State. Several times, I had to go inside the Council sessions to deliver messages from the Pope.� GIAN FRANCO SVIDERCOSCHI Vatican Insider, ANSA Agency "We could see everything was changing. But at the same time, no one new how things would end up.� CARD. JULIAN HERRANZ "There were two factions, both a bit extremist, but after, they were able to contribute the best that each of two sides had to offer.� The documentary "The Revolution of John XXIII� is now available in three languages. It will premiere in networks all around the world, just in time for the canonization of the Good Pope, on April 27. The documentary is presented as an essential tool to understand the Magisterium of the last few Popes, the current work of Pope Francis, and the future of the Catholic Church. JMB/RCA RR ? - BN Up: