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Pope gives Cape Verde prime minister an Angel of Peace medallion

Pope Francis met with the prime minister of Cape Verde, José Maria Pereira Neves.   Right away, the Pope joked with the African leader about their language differences.   "Portuguese, I don't understand, 'Brazilian' I understand.â? The Cape Verde prime minister traveled to Rome to ratify the agreement the island nation signed with the Holy See. It reinforces ties between the two countries. The treaty recognizes Sunday as a holiday, and guarantees the Church's assistance and aid in the Catholic-majority country.   Prime Minister Pereira Neves introduces several members of his government to the Pope.   Afterward, they exchanged gifts. The West African leader gave the Pope a colorful tapestry.   "How pretty!â? The Pope gave the prime minister a medallion with the Angel of Peace.   "I wanted to give you this Angel of Peace, which overcomes evil. So that Cape Verde continues being a country of peace.â? "That is my hope, that you may be the Angel of Peace in Africa.â?   Cape Verde is an archipelago made up of ten islands, off the coast of Senegal, in Western Africa. More than 80 percent of the population is Catholic.     AC/RCA CTV FA -BN Up:KLH