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Venezuelan bishops: We must end the bloodshed in our country

Venezuelan bishops issued a statement calling for peace and dialogue, after more than two months of bloody protests. They called on the government and opposition to "avoid further bloodshed and violence in the country.â? At the same time, the bishops harshly criticized the government. They blamed the ongoing crisis on the "Plan de la Patria,â? a forced law, which according to the bishops, "hides the promotion of a totalitarian government system.â? The episcopal conference denounced the "abusive and excessiveâ? repression against protesters, as well as the "tortureâ? many detained people have faced. They also decried the state of lawlessness seen in different parts of the country. The bishops concluded that "the government is wrong in wanting to solve the crisis through force.â? They qualified the possible intervention of the Holy See as mediators, describing it as "timely and of great value.â?  AC/RCA CTV FA -PR Up: PM