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Latin American singer-songwriters pay homage to John Paul II and John XXIII

"Hombres de Dios,â? or Men of God, is name of the new track dedicated to John Paul II and John XIII. The archbishop of Guadalajara, in Mexico, brought together thirteen of the biggest singer-songwriters in Christian music from Latin America, for the project, launched recently. Author: Luis Ramí­rez Estrada Musical arrangement: Kiki Troia Singers: Athenas Vénica (Argentina) Célines Dí­az (Dominican Republic) Cristy Villaseñor (Mexico) Kiki Troia (Argentina) Luis Enrique Ascoy (Peru) Luis Ramí­rez (Mexico) Marco López (Chile) Margarita Araux (Mexico) Margarita Mariscal (Mexico) Martí­n Valverde (Mexico-Costa Rica) Mónica Arrollo (Mexico) Rogelio Casasola (Guatemala) Sam de León (Mexico) JRB/RCA Hombres de Dios -PR Up:RCA