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Pope in Santa Marta: Resurrection shows us the power of God's love

In his Monday morning Mass Pope Francis talked about the Resurrection and how it opens a new chapter of glory. 


"This story that begins with a dream of love. It seems to be a love story, but it ends up looking like a story of failures. It ends with the great love of God who offers Salvation by offering His Son who saves us all.�

The Pope called on Christians to embrace Jesus, for they alone, he said, cannot save themselves.

Even though the story of Redemption seems to be full of failures, at its core it's a story of victory and Salvation. 


(Source: Vatican Radio) 

Let us not forget the cross â?? he said â?? because it is here that the logic of "failureâ? is turned upside down. Jesus â?? Pope Francis said â?? reminds the chief priests, the scribes and the elders that although we can expect trials and rejection, in the end we will see triumph and he quotes the Scriptures: "The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstoneâ?.

The prophets, the men of God who spoke to the people, who were not listened to, who were rejected, will be His glory. The Son, His last envoy, was seized, killed and thrown out. He became the cornerstone� he said.

"This story that begins with a dream of love, that seems to be a love story, but ends up looking like a story of failures, ends with the great love of God who offers Salvation through the rejection of his Son who saves us allâ?.  And speaking to those present, the Pope said "the path of our redemption is a path marked by failureâ?. But that is exactly where love triumphs. "We must never forget that our path is a difficult oneâ? he said. If each of us â?? Pope Francis continued â?? makes an examination of conscience, we will have to admit that often we have rejected the prophets: "how many times have we said to Jesus â??Go away!â?? How many times have we wanted to save ourselves thinking we were in the rightâ??

The Pope concluded his homily inviting the faithful never to forget that it is in the death on the Cross of the Son that the love of God for his people is manifest.